women outside

ready for the exhibition

new exhibition

exhibition "THERHINEPRIZE" in Bonn, Germany

Kölner Liste 2017

Kölner Liste: 27. - 30. April 2017,    Gladbacher Wall 5,     50670 Köln

The Rhine Art e.V.  presents:   Anne Beikircher,   Catharina de Rijke,   Marianne Roetzel

"woman outside"

this new sculpture will be seen this year in different exhibitions

this is new!

a new kind of human figure

Galeria de Arte Gaudi, Madrid: at Affordable Art Fair Milano, 2017

Milano is a good place for Art!!!

new in 2017

the first of a new group

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam: Gaudi Art Gallery Madrid

October 2016 in Amsterdam with Gaudi Art Gallery Madrid

open atelier

with some new works you really should see!

galerie luzia sassen - kabelmetal

exhibition Marianne Roetzel + Rike Stausberg at galerie luzia sassen - kabelmetal,  until august 10. 2016

Schönecker Weg 5,   51570 Windeck - Schladern

Katharinenhof, Bonn

exhibition at Katharinenhof, Venner Strasse 51,   53177 Bonn,

until september 18. 2016

new in february 2016

made of wire and papermachee

new work 2016

made of wire and papermachee

new work 2016

made of wire and papermachee

Kunstverein Bad Godesberg

Ausstellung vom 3. bis 29. Februar 2016

new work

one more made of papermachee

new work

new sculpture made of papermachee

The Rhine Prize: Invitation

come to see this wonderful exhibition

The Rhine Prize

my part of the group-exhibition: 7 birds, coming out of the forest

a very exciting exhibition